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26698269I participated in Breakwater Harbor Books anthology Gateways, which will be available October 1 on Amazon. It’s listed on Goodreads.

A stand-alone short story featuring characters and a historical event from the land of Daermad, Pivot of Fate was my first short story in 25 years and I think it turned out well as an introduction to the world I brought to life in The Willow Branch and will continue to reveal in Murklin Wood.

In addition, it offers peaks into the universes of several Breakwater Harbor Books authors, mostly in the speculative fiction realm. Please check it out.

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Falling Free: Short Story

Falling Free: Short Story

Focus Writing Services

So at last, a short story! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one, primarily because most places I submit to don’t accept work that has been published, even if it’s on a blog. However, at just over 1000 words, this story is shorter than the requirements of those same magazines and so seems like a perfect candidate to (hopefully) entertain you.

A quick note: this story was intended to be the inspiration for a graphic project, which is why it is so heavy on visuals and tone. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think below. 🙂 Please enjoy.

Falling Free

From "Falling Man" at From “Falling Man” at

I am nearly dead from running. Stone slaps the soles of my feet, the pitter-patters echoing and filling the surrounding void. A barren land, it’s a world of grey mountains on the left, black mountains on the right; a slate-grey sky…

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Starving Interview: Ted Cross, Author of The Immortality Game

J. B. Garner - Musings of a Starving Author

Hello again, folks!  It’s time to crack out the pad and pen to get the views of another literary chef.  Today’s alumni was previously featured during my Starving Review of The Immortality Game.  Welcome to the interview chamber … Ted Cross!

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Recommended Read: “6 Secrets of Writing a Novel Without an Outline”

Brian Klems (Photo Source: Brian Klems (Photo Source:

Every writer has his or her own process. Among the debates on which process is “best” when writing a novel is whether to follow a three-act formula or whether to let things come out in a more organic fashion. Here’s a fantastic argument for the latter. Brian Klems really breaks down the essentials of a successful novel.

A must-read for any aspiring novelist.

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Path of the Heretic (Beholder #2) by Ivan Amberlake–Review by Bethanie

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Author Interview with Scott Toney, co-founder of Breakwater Harbor Books

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Scott Toney Scott Toney

I met Scott Toney years ago while a member of the online writing platform, Authonomy, and I remember really liking his book, Eden Legacy. So, when I bumped into Scott a few months ago and found out he was up for an interview, I was really excited. Please stick around and meet Scott, musician, and faith-based author.

Welcome, Scott! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

I am a family man first and a dedicated friend. Those things and God are the most important things in my life. I am also a co-founder of the Independent Author Imprint, Breakwater Harbor Books (which I am very proud of), I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and am great lover of singing and the written word.

What’s your writing background?

I was trained in Journalism in college and also took courses in novel writing…

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Diary of the Gone-Review

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